PTSA Board Members

Dianne Jauregui, Esq
Marisol Rodriguez Basulto, Esq.
Yesenia Fernandez
VP Education
VP Ways & Means
VP Organization
Lissette Padrón
Volunteer Coordinator
Jaclyn Cabrera
Recording Secretary
Rene I. Basulto, PE
Corresponding Secretary
Mercy Roman
Corporate Liaison


  • President
    The President will represent the PTSA at all school activities. They will set the agenda, dates and times for all meeting. They  will also Chair all  Board and  General  Meetings or appoint a designee  if not attending the meeting. They will keep an open line of communication with the school Administration and inform them of all activities that the PTSA is conducting. The President is the second signature on all checks prepared by the Treasurer.
  • Treasurer
    The Treasurer will be responsible for all financial records and control of the Budget. The Treasurer will prepare all checks for payments and will sign them. Two signatures will be required on all checks. They will prepare the yearly budget and present it to the Executive Committee for review.  All deposits will  be done by the Treasurer.  They will count all money prior to the deposit and sign off on the deposit voucher sheet. The Treasurer will also prepare the  annual audit and all IRS forms.
  • Recording Secretary
    The recording secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the association and of the executive committee and board and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated. The minutes will be presented for approval at all meetings. They will keep all records for the State required length of time.
  • Corresponding Secretary
    The corresponding secretary shall prepare all written communications as directed by the association or by the executive board and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated.  Be responsible for sending out all mass e-mails and social media outlets.
  • Vice President – Ways and Means
    This Vice President will prepare and research fundraising activities for the school year. They will contact the companies that will be selected.  A financial goal will be set and supply a plan of work to the Executive Committee for the fundraiser. They will be responsible for any raffle or prizes included with the fundraiser
  • Vice President – Membership
    This Vice President needs to keep a copy of the membership and provide monthly updates of the list to the secretary & president for record keeping. Also needs to provide the Treasurer the monthly dues and proper paperwork to pay the state portion. They are responsible to set up the membership rallies and keep up  with the incentives provided to students  when  parents renew or join membership . They  will  prepare a plan of work to be presented to the  Executive Committee.
  • Vice President – Organization
    This Vice President will set dates and organize any events that the PTSA hosts throughout the year.  They will contact local vendors for donations or any products that may need to be purchased for the event. They will plan and prepare  any gifts that will be given the school staff. They will prepare a plan of work to be presented to the Executive Committee.
  • Vice President – Education
    This Vice president  will be responsible for preparing all ‘certificates and trophies that are given throughout the school year. Also prepare a purchasing order for any books and supplies that PTSA buys for the  students as need by the teachers. Assist  the  school’s Peer Council  with the annual Red Ribbon Week activities. They will present and suggest educational programs to the Executive  Committee. They will prepare a pIan of work to be presented to the Executive Committee.