We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill

Our Students need you to give your time.

Miami Lakes K-8 Center PTSA supports a wide range of activities and events throughout the year to benefit our children, our school and our community.  Every volunteer is appreciated by the teachers, staff and children, whether you are in the classroom once a week, once a year or helping out from home.  There are a lot of opportunities to get involved. Let us know you want to help.

The following guidelines and procedures will help you get the most out of your volunteer experience.  We look forward to working with you!

For our student’s safety, Individuals wishing to volunteer must register with Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS).  Miami-Dade County Public Schools’  Volunteer Program has two levels of volunteers:

Level 1:  Complete a database background check

  • Day chaperones for field trips
  • PTSA Activities
  • Classroom assistants
  • Clerical or Library
  • Math and/or reading tutors
  • Speaker/Presenter

Level 2:  Complete a fingerprint background check

  • Certified Volunteer
  • Overnight Chaperone
  • Athletic/Physical Education Assistant
  • Mentor
  • District/Region Volunteer

Volunteers must be a PTSA Member in good standing.  Not a member yet? Become one now.

Upon clearance from district, volunteers must attend an orientation at the school.

New School Volunteers and Mentors

After registering and logging into one of the portals (links provided ; Student, Parent, Employee, Community), follow these steps:

  1. Click the Apps/Services/Sites tab at the top
  2. Click on Be a School Volunteer
  3. Fill out the personal information and click Submit
  4. Choose your school(s) and activity(ies) in which you wish to volunteer and click Submit (A background check will be completed at this time).
  5.  A message will appear at the bottom showing your status (ex. Background check and process — Please allow 3 to 4 days for results)
  6.  After successful background check clearance, visit  your selected school/location and show your photo identification for final approval.

Returning School Volunteers and Mentors

You will need to re-register each year to become a volunteer or mentor.  Login to your portal using your username and password and update the information in your application including school(s), and activity(ies) and click Submit.

Level 1 volunteers will require a new background check every three years.

Level 2 volunteers will require a new fingerprint check every five years.

School Sign-in Procedures:

  • Always remember to bring photo I.D. and register at our MCL front desk first, sign in and get a visitor badge.
  • There is a red folder on the table. It is arranged in alphabetical order. Please complete a sheet with your name and use this each time to record your volunteer hours.
  • Upon departure, make a final stop in the front desk  to sign out.
  • These procedures are necessary for everyone’s safety and school security!

Follow the links below for more detailed information on:

MDCPS Volunteer Policies

MDCPS Volunteer Information and Guide

Please fill out the volunteer form below and let us know how you would like to volunteer.

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